VIRGO fashion agency features the best of colorful, cosmopolitan chic from around the globe.

Owner Ines de Bien sets out to be thé new independent agent to represent exclusive, exciting designers of fashion accessories. Ines will not only put them in the stores of the right partners, but will offer full market exposure through events and bright PR.

VIRGO’s showroom is based in fashion fabulous Antwerp, Belgium.

  • eseOese is a Spanish fashion hit. A pure brand born in Barcelona. Classy, bohémien, casual and feminine. Always made with top-quality natural materials. Clothes, bags and accessories.
  • VIRGO is proud to be the first to represent Monica Lendinez outside of Spain! 

    A new clothing brand that breathes the love for life, the sun and all things fabulous. Every piece of Monica's collection has a little something special of its own. Once boho glam, then casual chic, always with a certain swag, to be worn by women with confidence and style. 

    A collection that you can take - or that can take you - from the beach to a party, and back.

    100% made in Spain.
  • Ignore brings a small collection of simple yet sophisticated fashions into your wardrobe. Timeless pieces that suit every style, every look and every day. From eco leather biker jackets to updated basics such as jersey T-shirts, knits and dresses.

    Every 2 months, a new set of seasonal items is added to the collection. Essentials that tend to focus on the moment, but are still very much for any occasion. With calm all-season colors and a signature clean cut.

    In this fast-changing world and the current climate of environmental awareness, Ignore tries to cause no unnecessary harm to people, planet and animals.

    Ignore works with socially responsible partners, small-scale manufacturers in Portugal.
  • MY Jewellery is pure joy! Ibiza boho or minimal chic for party girls and sassy women. Fun, fabulous fashion must-haves at nice prices. 

    Everything from rings, earrings, necklaces to the most fabulous mix 'n match arm parties! With a Gold collection, a Stainless Steel and a Fashion collection, there's something for every girl, every outfit and every mood. 

    In edition, MY Jewellery Limited now includes a clothing line, shoes and a men's accessories' collection.

    Designer Sharon Hilgers and her creations are often featured in the press and on fashion blogs.
  • Enter the queendom of AlphaGypsy! Boho chic / urban edgy scarves by designer Lilach Avissar. For fierce and fabulous women and men all over the world!

    The beautiful designs and intense colors are a true luxury. 

    On 100% cotton, silk or wool, always 100% unique print designs. Made with great care in India.
  • Angelheart jewelry is a big hit in South Africa, and now also in Belgium. The trendy silk necklaces and bracelets in classic or vibrant colors are a definite must-have! 

    Fine, Sterling silver charms on a single silk string or silver chain. Beautifully packed with a message of love, friendship, peace, happiness, … Simple, fair, meaningful fashion jewelry to wear everyday or to give to someone special. Handmade in beautiful South Africa.

    Angelheart donates a part of its annual profits to charity projects.

    NEW Angelheart for KIDS collection!

    Facebook page Angelheart Benelux
  • Fair fashion from Spain, eseOese is praised for their craftmanship in Knack Weekend. 


    Knack Weekend, November 2016

    Artikel Knack Weekend
  • MY Jewellery in the mix for a fab armparty in Flair's jewellery special!


    Flair magazine, week 49 2016

  • Spanish brand eseOese is Knack Weekend's discovery of the day! 

    Knack Weekend, Instagram, July 2016

  • Princess of style An-Katrien at the beach with eseOese boho-bag.

    Teacups & Dresses, Instagram, August 2016

  • Celeb Inge Moerenhout rocks her eseOese bag!

    Bubble Trouble, Instagram, August 2016

  • Dance queen Anneleen Meurs of Disneys Brave & Curly Red Straight Blonde in a Dance T-shirt by eseOese. 

    Instagram, August 2016

  • Pretty girl in a pretty blouse (by eseOese), Elfi De Bruyn of 'Glam at heart' at our showroom opening.

    Snapchat, July 2016

  • An-Katrien of Teacups & Dresses showing off the choker trend at our showroom opening. 


    Snapchat, July 2016

  • Lilyette Judith Van Peer truying on the cool cotton scarves by spanish brand eseOese. Hurray for sustainable fashion!

    Snapchat, July 2016

  • Elfi De Bruyn's eseOese clutch steals the show at our showroom opening. 

    Glam At Heart, July 2016

  • TV-host Erika Van Tielen gets wanderlust. Inspired by City of Angels T-shirt by eseOese.

    Instagram, July 2016

  • Guido Magazine singles out mid-season scarf by MY Jewellery.


    Guido Magazine, February 2016

  • Flair features MY Jewellery in Valentine Special <3

  • MY Jewellery arm party by Feeling Magazine.

    Feeling Magazine, February 2016

  • All new MY Jewellery summer must-haves are the star of weekly mag Flair's jewellery special.


    Flair, February 2016

  • Popular weekly mag Nina shops MY Jewellery for Christmas.

    Nina magazine, December 2015

  • Zalando award winning blogger Astrid takes a close look at MY Jewellery.


    Timeless Elegance blog, December 2015

    Timeless Elegance blogpost
  • TV personality and writer Martine Prenen tries on MY Jewellery Spring bracelets at the Press Days.


    Martine Prenen, December 2015

  • Blogger Astrid hopes for a special MY Jewellery gift from Sinterklaas.


    Timeless Elegance blog, December 2015

    Timeless Elegance blogpost
  • TV-personality Inge Moerenhout premieres The Edit collection by MILLA Amsterdam.


    Bubble Trouble blog, March 2016


  • Blogger Yentl Keuppens of Just Yentl all ready for Paris Fashion Week in Milla Amsterdam.


    Just Yentl, March 2016

  • Beauty Inge Moerenhout woke up like this. 


    Bubble Trouble by Inge Moerenhout, February 2016

  • Just Yentl and Milla, a new love affair


    Just Yentl blog, January 2016

    Just Yentl blogpost
  • Blogger Yentl Keuppens & entourage discover Milla Amsterdam's Winter 2016 collections.


    Just Yentl, January 2016

  • Inge Moerenhout and Yentl Keuppens discover MY Jewellery and Milla Amsterdam at the Press Days.


    Bubble Trouble by Inge Moerenhout, November 2015

    Bubble Trouble blog
  • Always on the look-out for new fashion brands, blogger Astrid discovers Milla and loves it. 


    Timeless Elegance blog, November 2015

    Timeless Elegance blogpost
  • Blogger Julie of fashion blog Bible of Fashion goes Milla. Yes Sir.


    Bible of Fashion, September 2015

  • All-round celeb Eline De Munck looking ab fab on the cover of Sjiek Magazine wearing her Alpha Gypsy as a head scarf. 

    Sjiek Magazine, June 2015

  • Actress Lize Feryn salutes MILLA in our Yes Sir sweater. Too cool. 



    Lize Feryn on facebook
  • Cooky blogger An-Katrien shows off her Limited Edition Yes Sir sweater by MILLA. 

    Teacups & Dresses blogpost
  • TV-celeb Yentl Duvillier feeling cool in her Limited Edition Yes Sir. sweater by MILLA

    Yentl Duvillier, June 2015

    Yentl Duvillier facebookpage
  • Ibiza-proof arm party by MY Jewellery on the pages of ELLE. 


    Elle België, June 2015

  • Fashion blogger Sheila is a fan of MY Jewellery. She paid a visit to our showroom and picked her favorites. 


    Fashion Vitamins Antwerp, May 2015

    Fashion Vitamins on instagram
  • Karen Damen 2.0 wears her heart & wing necklace with denim.


    Humo Magazine, May 2015

  • Elle België and Elle Belgique team up with MY Jewellery. Win a bracelet set and get a discount.

    Elle België/Elle Belgique, May 2015

  • Elle België singles out the trio gem rings by MY Jewellery

    Elle België, April 2015

  • Fashion blogger Patricia Goijens wears a silk Alpha Gypsy scarf as a headband inspired by the seventies. 

    No glitter no glory, March 2015

  • Trust Tiany to find the most fashionable trends and brands! Here, she features Pichulik on

 , November 2014

  • The Geisha earrings and necklace by Pichulik featured in Marie Claire Belgium


    Marie Claire, October 2014

  • loves our new label, Pichulik, July 2014

  • Jessica Alba wears het Angelheart wishbone necklace <3


  • Zita Wauters, the daughter of Valerie De Booser and Koen Wauters, supports the Children's Hospital and wears her Angelheart for Kids. 

    Dag Allemaal, August 2014

  • Solange Knowles rocks Pichulik bangles on the cover of ELLE

    ELLE, South Africa

  • Ann Van Elsen wears her Angelheart on Café Corsari.

    Eén, Cafe Corsari, 11 September 2013


  • Astrid Bryan wears Angelheart and supports Save the Rhino. 

  • Pop singer Jill Shaw supports Angelheart and Save the Rhino. Featured here in Joepie!

    Joepie Magazine, April 2013

  • Actress, singer and TV personality Karen Damen wearing Angelheart single heart necklace in fluo orange during an appearance on TV.

    De neus van Pinocchio, 15 May, 2013

  • Lisbeth Imbo supports Save the Rhino and wears her Angelheart on TV.

    Login, Canvas, April 2013

  • Het Nieuwsblad Magazine puts Angelheart in the picture.

    Het Nieuwsblad Magazine, 23 September 2013

  • "Everybody wants an Angelheart necklace"

    TV Familie, June 2013

  • Angelheart feature.

    Goed Gevoel, June 2013

  • Local celebs join Angelheart to save the rhino.

    Story Magazine, May 2013

  • Angelheart = Nina Magazine's summer favorite!

    Nina Magazine, 27 April 2013

  • Angelheart's fluo necklaces are a definite summer must-have, dixit Het Nieuwsblad Magazine.

    Het Nieuwsblad Magazine, April 2013.

  • Shop our samples and stock items from current and previous collections. The collections are limited, so don't miss out! Bubbles will be served, ladies.

    Next edition:

    Spring 2017 (dates to be announced)


    Showroom VIRGO - Kronenburgstraat 34 - 2000 Antwerpen

  • VIRGO regularly opens its showroom doors for fashion and retail professionals to discover new collections, brands and trends during our Open Door Events and during the Antwerp Fashion Days in association with Antwerp Fashion Agents & Antwerp ShoeRoom.

    We look forward to welcoming you!

    Next edition:

    January 2017 (dates to be announced)

  • Press, stylists and bloggers are welcome to discover new collections, brands and trends at the VIRGO showroom during our Open Press Events.

    We look forward to welcoming you!

    Next edition:

    To be announced

  • Want to shop in peace with friends or family? Want a shop @ home party? VIRGO makes it happen! You can schedule a styling session at our Antwerp showroom (min. 3 people) or let VIRGO bring the fashion to your party (min. 15 people). The host gets a nice discount and a fab surprise…

    For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

  • VIRGO plans fashion fabulous in-store events such as Designer Days, aka Trunk Shows. Trunk Shows are a successful phenomenon in the US, providing a win-win situation for all parties involved. Partner stores who stock a collection get to invite clients to meet with the designers. The designers present their brand and bring additional pieces from the current collection as well as samples from the coming collection. Clients hence get a sneak preview and have the opportunity to pre-order.

    For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

    • Are you interested in our brands for your shop? Let's meet! You can visit our showroom by appointment or we can pass by your shop with our sample collection. 

      Let us know and we'll see you soon! Our new showroom is located at Kronenburgstraat 34, 2000 Antwerpen ('t Zuid, nearby the Royal Museum of Fine Arts/KMSKA).

      xoxo Ines & team

    • Our collections are sold in local fashion boutiques and concept stores all over the Benelux. Contact us and we’ll guide you to the nearest one.

      Happy shopping!

      xoxo Ines & team

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